Links to Caitlin Doyle’s Works Available Online:

“The Foley Artist’s Apprentice”The Atlantic

“Self-Portrait With Monkeys” / The Threepenny Review

“Thirteen” / Best New Poets (originally appeared in Unsplendid)

“The Breakfast In Heidelberg Series” / Boston Review

“If Siegfried And Roy Had Never Met” / Black Warrior Review

“The Doll Museum” / The Warwick Review (originally printed), Calyx (reprinted)

“A Brief History of the Bikini” / The Raintown Review

“Carnival” / Unsplendid

“In The Bush” / Birmingham Poetry Review (to read Samuel Zelitch’s commentary on the relationship between the sonic and thematic aspects of “In The Bush,” you can click here)

“Backward Sonnet for a Forward Thinker” / Rattle

“Fragment 31″ / Unsplenidd

“Page Six” / The Lyric

“The Sugar Cane Train,” an early poem from Caitlin’s student days, won the 2006 Independent Poetry Contest and was reprinted in The Blue Collar Review. You can click here to read the poem in The Independent Weekly, along with the judge’s comments.

Books and Anthologies Featuring Caitlin’s Poetry:

Best New Poets

Caitlin’s poem “Thirteen” appears in the 2009 edition of the Best New Poets series, an annual anthology of fifty poems by emerging writers. Contributors include Roger Reeves, Alex Dimitrov, Melissa Stein, Katy Didden, Eric Weinstein, and Kelly Davio. Kim Addonizio served as the 2009 guest editor.  You can click here to visit the book’s page on Amazon.com.

The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop

Caitlin’s poem “The Foley Artist’s Apprentice” appears in The Crafty Poet: A Portable Workshop, edited by Diane Lockward. The book comprises “a collection of poems, prompts, craft tips, and interviews for aspiring and practicing poets.” Contributors include Jane Hirshfield, Stanley Plumly, Marilyn Hacker, Linda Pastan, and Jeffrey McDaniel. You can click here to read more about the book and you can click here to visit the book’s page on Amazon.com.

So Little Time

Caitlin’s poetry has been selected to appear in So Little Time, an anthology forthcoming from Green Writers Press. Edited by poet Greg Delanty and featuring an introduction by John Elder, the book gathers poems, photographs, and essays centered on environmental issues. Contributors include Grace Paley, Seamus Heaney, Hayden Carruth, Didi Jackson, Jean Valentine, and Ellen Bryant Voigt. As it says on the Green Writers Press website, “So Little Time is a revolving door of political activism, spirituality, nature, and humanity. It is a call to action, where urgency meets poetry in no uncertain terms…” You can click here to read more about the book and you can click here to find the book available for pre-order

American Creative Writers On Class

Caitlin’s poem “Paris” appears in American Creative Writers On Class, a book anthology  featuring poetry and non-fiction on the subject of class in America, edited by Shelly Reed. Contributors include Matthea Harvey, Dorianne Laux, Oliver de la Paz, and Laura McCullough. From the Big Wonderful Press Website:  ”At a time when economic inequality is on all of our minds, this collection focuses on intimate moments, personal relationships, and common daily experiences at the intersection of people of different economic status.” You can click here to read more about the book and you can click here to visit the book’s page on Amazon.com.

Writers Among Us

Caitlin’s poetry appears in Writers Among Us, an anthology of works by writers who have held the Writer-In-Residence position at St. Albans School in Washington, DC. Contributors include Curtis Sittenfeld, Matthew Klam, Will Blythe, and James Hoch. You can click here to read more about the book and learn how to purchase a copy

Naming The Baby: The Best of the Claremont Review

One of Caitlin’s early poems, “Dublin, 1946,”  has been anthologized in Naming The Baby: The Best of the Claremont Review, published by Orca Books. From the Orca Books website: “Naming The Baby celebrates the best from the first thirty issues of The Claremont Review. This anthology features the poetry and fiction and some of the most talented adolescent writers of the past fifteen years, many of whom have gone on to careers in writing and whose novels and poems now grace bookshelves in bookstores across the continent.” You can click here to read more about Naming The Baby and to purchase a copy of the book