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An article titled “Caitlin Doyle: Following in Robert Frost’s Footsteps” appears in Boston University Today The feature highlights Caitlin’s selection as the winner of the 2017 Frost Farm Prize and includes excerpts from an interview about her background and work. To read the article, in which three-time US poet laureate Robert Pinsky describes Caitlin as a poet with a “gorgeous, original imagination,” you can click here.

Caitlin has been featured in the PBS NewsHour Online Poetry Series. The feature contains an interview, a sample of Caitlin’s poetry, and a recording of her reading her poem “A Brief History of the Bikini.” To check it out on the PBS NewsHour website, you can click here. Caitlin’s NewsHour feature also appears on the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet Blog, available by clicking here.

Peter McDermott of The Irish Echo has profiled Caitlin as “a rising star” in the poetry world. The piece discusses her path as a poet, her family history, her aims as a teacher of writing and literature, and her connection to Irish culture and literary influences. To read the profile, you can click here.

Caitlin was interviewed for The MFA Project about a variety of literary topics, including the value of becoming a “homemade writer,” potential pros and cons of the MFA system, what it’s like to forge a life as a young poet in American today, and her own journey as a writer. To read “On Pleasure, Devotion, MFA’s and PhD’s, and Self-Determination: An Interview With Caitlin Doyle,” you can click here.

A poem of Caitlin’s was recently featured by the PoetryNow Series through the Poetry Foundation. As described on the Poetry Foundation website, “PoetryNow is a weekly four-minute radio series featuring some of today’s most accomplished and innovative poets who offer an acoustically rich and reflective look into a single poem.” The poem also appeared as a Poetry Foundation “Poem of the Day.” To read the poem and listen to the full PoetryNow podcast feature, which includes clips of Caitlin discussing the piece, you can click here.

Caitlin has been interviewed by the National Young Arts Foundation about her early recognition through the YoungArts Program, her insights as an educator in the literary arts, and her recent honors and publications. She also discusses her time at the Jack Kerouac House, the James Merrill House, and Interlochen Arts Academy, as well as her experience in the Boston University Master of Fine Arts Program. You can click here to read the feature “Interview with a YoungArts Alumna: Award Winning Poet and Educator Caitlin Doyle”

Caitlin has been interviewed for the Drunken Odyssey Series about her work as a poet. Hosted by John King, the interview spans several topics, including popular culture, the role of sound in language, song lyrics, and more. The segment also features Caitlin reading several of her poems. Past guests on the series include Tony Hoagland, David Sedaris, Cheryl Strayed, and Chuck Klosterman. You can click here to listen to the interview

Caitlin appeared as the featured poet for the Identity Theory Emerging Poet Interview Series.  During the interview, she discussed her writing, her background in film, class issues in the poetry world, approaches to the teaching of prosody, and more. You can click here to read her Identity Theory interview.

Caitlin has been interviewed on Functionally Literate Radio (WPRK 91.5) about her work as a poet. Hosted by Jared Silvia and Ryan Rivas of Burrow Press, the discussion traverses a range of subjects, including the role of form in poetry, the relationship between poetry and film, humor and play in language, and notions of literary community. She also reads four poems during the segment. Past guests on the show include Jeff VanderMeer, Boris Fishman, Sapphire, and Ellen Datlow. You can click here to listen to the interview

Caitlin has been featured in the Author Next Door Spotlight through the National Writers Series. To read her Author Next Door interview, in which she discusses inspiration, writers who have impacted her, the books on her bedside table, and more, you can click here.

An essay about Caitlin’s work, titled “A Ringing Echo: The Poetry of Caitlin Doyle,” has been featured in The Critical Flame. The essay, written by Maya Sloan, explores the way that “technical savvy and emotional content function in tandem, reflecting and playing off of each other” within Caitlin’s work. Sloan also highlights “the risk-taking ingenuity” with which Caitlin “navigates the relationship between structure and content.” Here’s more:

“Doyle has the unique ability to both adhere to and experiment with traditional formal properties, such as rhyme and meter, while shaping poems that simultaneously gesture toward poetic tradition and seek innovative new ground… She builds her poems in such a way that they seek space in the reader’s memory… ” You can click here to read the full article in The Critical Flame

Caitlin was interviewed as a featured writer for Words With Writers. You can click here to read Caitlin’s interview, in which she talks about the creative process, notions of an ideal reader, her path as a poet, and several other topics

Michelle Lewis has written an essay entitled “Doyle & The Ersatz Life,” in which she examines several of Caitlin’s individual poems and her work as a whole. Of Caitlin’s poem “The Bells,” Lewis says:

In the sonorous (and exquisitely rendered) “The Bells,” ringing bells are obscured by their own echo until their signifying breaks into chaos and no one can hear the chime behind each chime. The poet suggests the echo could be there to “stop the urge to steep us in too faithful a refrain” – a rabbit hole that gets straight to the seductive powers and dangers of authentic (and elusive) emotion.” You can click here to read the rest of “Doyle & The Ersatz Life

Caitlin was  tagged to participate in “The Next Big Thing” Interview Series. You can click here to read Caitlin’s interview, in which she discusses the development of her debut poetry manuscript

Caitlin has been featured in The East Hampton Star newspaper in an article entitled “Poetic Sparks In The ‘Hooley’ Tradition.” The piece highlights her recent fellowships, details her path as a writer, and describes some of the early experiences that made her fall in love with poetry. You can click here to read the article

Caitlin has appeared as the featured poet on Gwarlingo, where editor Michelle Aldredge says of her work:

“Doyle’s poetry hovers in the surprising place between music and meaning. She is always aware of the larger effect of her poems, but no small detail escapes her notice. Her ability to balance content and form, humor and seriousness, seems effortless.” You can click here to read more of Aldredge’s reflections on Caitlin’s work and to see some of Caitlin’s poems featured on Gwarlingo

Mark Simpson of WMFE hosted a radio show at the Kerouac House featuring the house’s founder Bob Kealing. They discussed Jack Kerouac, the Beats, and the history of the house. Simpson also interviewed Caitlin about her time as the winter term Jack Kerouac House Writer-In-Residence and invited her to read a poem. To hear a podcast of her interview segment, you can click here to locate the recording on the WMFE webpage (scroll down on the page and click on “Hear An Interview With Winter Kerouac Writer in Residence Caitlin Doyle”)

As the 2008-2009 Writer-In-Residence at St. Albans School in Washington, DC, Caitlin was invited to give a reading and an interview for the Ellison Library Podcast SeriesYou can click here to listen to the podcast

As the inaugural recipient of the Thomas Wolfe Scholarship in Creative Writing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a full four-year undergraduate scholarship awarded on the basis of literary merit, Caitlin was interviewed for an article celebrating the anniversary of the scholarship. You can click here to read the article on the UNC Chapel Hill Arts & Sciences Foundation website

After her first semester as the Thomas Wolfe Scholar in Creative Writing at UNC Chapel Hill, Caitlin was interviewed by Joseph Flora for the Thomas Wolfe Review. You can click here to read the interview

Caitlin has appeared numerous times as the featured alumna on the Boston University Creative Writing Department site. You can check out the headlines below and click on the links to see her appearances on the site:

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